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“Every 1 Counts” Television/Multimedia Campaign 
"Every 1 Counts" is KSMQ Public Television's effort to improve turnout in the 2020 United States Census. This page hosts YouTube video files produced by KSMQ Public Television, provided in 16 languages.
Each video, hosted by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, describes the purpose of the Census and the importance of participating. There are videos customized for several communities in the KSMQ viewing area, as well as a set of statewide generic videos. They are meant to be viewed by the public, interest groups, and shared with friends and family.

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We have a new show that launched June 16, 2018:  Let’s Go, Minnesota!

Outdoor adventures down rivers, up cliffs, and across prairies: Hiking, biking, climbing, and paddling in southern Minnesota.

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RTown 17KSMQ sets its sights on Rochester with its newest weekly program, “R-Town.” As one of the economic engines of the KSMQ viewing area, Rochester is brimming with business, cultural and historical significance. And of course there is also great change proposed as a result of the Destination Medical Center project. What is Rochester talking about? Join Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara and Eric Olson each week as we take a trip to “R-Town.”

Friday at 8:00 p.m.  

Encore Presentations Saturday 4:30 p.m. and Sunday 1:30 p.m

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Art, culture, and history in southeastern Minnesota – We have what you’re looking for and a whole lot more…Off 90!


Sunday 7:00pm
Encore Presentations: Thurs. 7pm and Sat.


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On Q with host, Eric Olson.

Featuring essential conversations with movers and shakers in our region. Engaging you in the conversation. You will discover why current events and trends matter to you, and how you can help shape them.

Friday 8:30pm
Encore Presentation: Wednesday at 1:00pm

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farmconnectionsExplore the world of agriculture in our region with host Dan Hoffman. You'll learn about current issues, future trends, and our agricultural heritage. It's informative, enlightening and sometimes, just plain fun! 

Thursday 7:30pm & Saturday 4pm & Sunday 6am

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A special series of On Q called On Q Latitudes with Kathy Stutzman. Her specialty is connecting with people around stories, food and adventure. Join her as she explores the world!


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Sex Trafficking in Your Hometown

Sex trafficking is the criminal act of compelling or coercing a

person’s participation in commercial sex acts. - USDOJ


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Garden Exploring ideas and practices with regional gardening experts who share their "tips of the trade." There's something for the green thumb in all of us!

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KSMQ Public Television produced Beyond the Bully to help students, schools, and families address the topic of bullying.  Find out what area organizations are doing to eliminate bullying, and help young people address it when they see it.



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TypistWebGraphic2Emmy Award winner! The KSMQ production of "The Typist" follows the life and work of Larry Tillemans, the last living clerk-typist from the Nuremberg Trials.



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Arrival225Arrival: Women's Visions for a New Home. Hear the stories of four women who came to the U.S. after intense, personal challenges in their countries of origin, who are now constructing a brighter future here in Minnesota.



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off 90 presents

KSMQ's live concert series, including:

Live at The Paramount, Christmas at Assisi, and Charlie Parr


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“Arrival: Finding Home”, a documentary that follows the challenges and sacrifices of five persistent and resilient women as they first arrive in their new country.


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A special KSMQ documentary about sacred music written in Minnesota.



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A KSMQ production, Minnesota Legends, featuring Governor Arne Carlson.



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