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"Off 90"... Depending on how long you've lived here, you've probably heard that phrase more times than you can count! In our region, just about everything and everyone is "off 90". So, naturally, that became the title for this series.

We take a look at our shared culture and heritage, featuring stories from around the corner, maybe up the highway, down the next main street, probably stories you haven't heard before. Some funny, some thought-provoking. Inventors and local heroes. Arts and letters. Acts of creativity and acts of charity. Saints and scoundrels of local history. Seniors and scouts. Poets and parks. Past and present.

You'll find it all—and more—Off 90.


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On this episode of Off 90, a pro wrestler from Albert Lea, a fluid artist from Rochester, a mom who plays soccer, and a spelling bee champion.


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About the Host
Bebe Keith


Barbara Benson Keith, also known as Bebe, is an artist who creates paper mosaic collages, watercolors, pastels and public art. Barbara's work has been featured across the country and can be seen locally at the Jacobson Building in Rochester and at the Mayo Clinic here in Austin. Barbara brings you closer to the heritage of our region and everything that makes southern Minnesota a great place to live!

Learn more about Bebe's art at her website.

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