R-Town Season 19


Season 19 - Episodes

R-Town, Episode 1901

Producer Annie Krenik is joined by Vietnam War combat medic Bill Strusinski to talk about his book "Care Under Fire." Susan Haskamp talks about her work as advancement manager at Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association. And Danielle Teal checks out the new restaurant ThaiPop.

R-Town, Episode 1902

Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara visits with Julie Winters from Rochester Pride to talk about their work in the community. We meet Lina Choung, a dance instructor specializing in traditional Cambodian dance, and check out the new ping pong LED installation in Peace Plaza. Jeremy Elder tells us about the Filipino martial art form Kali. Lastly, Dee Sabol tells us about grant funding the Diversity Council received to promote health equity.

R-Town, Episode 1903

Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara visits with Miguel Valdez to discuss National Hispanic American Heritage Month. We learn about Wale Elegbede’s immigration journey and how he came to Rochester and we check in with the Rochester Fire Department during Fire Prevention Month. Lastly, we visit with Tim Penny to learn about the FEAST! Local Foods Network.

R-Town, Episode 1904

Nicole visits with Laura Sutherland of Olmsted County to discuss domestic violence. We learn about the Thrive Conference and the womens organization Bridging the Gap, and we check in with the Rochester Repertory Theatre. Lastly, we visit with Abe Sauer of Old Abe Coffee.

R-Town, Episode 1905

Nicole chats with Brad Vigesaa about the upcoming Nerdinout Con at the Mayo Civic Center. We learn about a not-so-unusual collecting hobby, and head to Sekapp Orchard to pick out some pumpkins. Molly Pudwell from Pudwell Insurance Partners tells us about enrolling in Medicare. Lastly, we discuss the $3.12 million grant awarded to Rochester and DMC EDA with Patrick Seeb and Cindy Steinhauser.

R-Town, Episode 1906

Nicole checks in with the Rochester Civic Theatre to explore their recent haunting. We visit the Downtown Roller Disco, and take a short tour of the Rochester Art Center. Terry Gries from the Community Food Response tells us about their mission and how the community can support them. Lastly, Rochester Management Analyst Heather J. Heyer tells us about the redistricting following the 2020 Census.

R-Town, Episode 1907

Nicole sits with Rochester Assistant City Attorney Tran Nguyen to discuss the Just Deeds Project. We check out the Rochester Farmers Market, and go Trunk-or-Treating at Family Promise Rochester. We meet Philip Muehe, the new Managing Director of Rochester Repertory Theatre Company. Lastly, Nicole discusses how Olmsted County is combating homelessness with Mary O'Neil and Jacob Radtke.

R-Town, Episode 1908

Nicole talks with Mayo Clinic and the Rochester Branch of NAACP about their new program, RISE for Youth, a program that will provide Black and underrepresented students with new pathways to success in education and employment. Danielle Teal sits with mosaic artist Debra D'Souza to discuss her art and the making of mosaics. We also learn more about Rochester's beloved Ear of Corn water tower, and hit the streets to learn more about fashion.

R-Town, Episode 1909

Nicole meets Dr. Azar Maluki, Board Chair of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project, to discuss the upcoming listening session at the Rochester Area Foundation. We visit the Lion Heart Clay Works, and we visit RCTC to view Zoe Cinel's newest art exhibit "TOO HOT TO HANDLE, A Portrait of the Artist With Pain." We check in with Dan Nowakowski from the History Center of Olmsted County to discuss Mayowood as we approach the holiday season. Lastly, Nicole visits with Holly Masek to discuss what's coming to Downtown Rochester for the holidays.

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