R-Town Season 22


Season 22 - Episodes


Episode 2226

 Nicole talks with Michael Wojcik about the Minnesota e-bike rebate program and with Philip Muehe of the Rochester Repertory Theatre. Danielle visits with Maureen Muthemba from Family Promise Rochester. In the R-Culture segment we talk about Rochester property taxes. We also check out the food at Tilda's Pizzeria. Michael Wojcik gives us an overview of bills passed by the Minnesota Legislature.


Episode 2225

 In this week's R-Town, Nicole learns about the United Way's school supply drive. She also learns about the Sip N' Savor Brew Pass and about Experience Rochester efforts to promote tourism. Danielle catches up with programs at 125 Live. We take in a rehearsal by the Once and Future Classics theater group. And Michael Wojcik recaps the close of the Minnesota legislative session.


Episode 2224

 This week Nicole looks at Rochester Pride, and she learns about We Bike Rochester. Danielle hears about the benefits of stretching with Steven Eng of Stretch Zone. In the R-Culture segment, we visit the Post Bulletin newspaper office. Michael Wojcik has a rundown of bills before the Minnesota Legislature.


Episode 2223

 This week Nicole talks to Jessica Olson of Life with Extra Heart. She also meets with Catherine Richert of Minnesota Public Radio to discusses the Talking Sense project. Danielle learns about the Grio Arts art collective. We meet Michelle Clark, owner of the soul food truck Shell's Kitchen. Michael Wojcik updates us on the Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota.


Episode 2222

 Al Lun, Brad Vigesaa, Joe Milan, Jr.


Episode 2221

 Julie Ruzek, Wale Elegbede, Kirby Bakken, Ruth Bakken


Episode 2220

 Marissa Guggisberg, Virginia Wright-Peterson, Kamau Wilkins, Mateo Wilkins


Episode 2219

 Juliana Silva, Emily Watkins, Acacia Ward, Vince Guerra

Episode 2218

 Burly Bluffs, Ryan Utterback, Hannah White, Magda Haji-Yusuf

Episode 2217

 Andre Crockett, Jennell Loeffler, Amanda Kintzi, Tim Nela, Phillip Thomas


Episode 2216

 Jessica Al-Kali, Dr. Kent Pekel, Danielle Leukam, Erin Sinnwell


Episode 2215

 John Sievers, LaSonya Natividad, Sarah Quincey, Tawanda Burks


Episode 2214

 Luke Turner, Donyale Johnson, Sweta Patel


Episode 2213

 Amy Garretson, Diamond Harriel, Julie Brock, Thu Park

Episode 2212

 Karl Rogers, Brooke Burch, Wilfredo Román Cátala

Episode 2211

 Jahbulani Ori, Abby Romme, Maggie Panetta, Derrick Fritz, Shay Baumbach

Episode 2210

 Nate Nelson, JoMarie Morris, Dawn Finne

Episode 2209

 Tierney Parker, Dina Abo Sheasha, Phil Wheeler

Episode 2208

Ken Baerg, Lori Banks, Candace Hample

Episode 2207

 Vidya Iyer, Wale Alegbede, Vivian Lark

Episode 2206

Andrew Pruett, Marlo Zosel, Dr. E Fowziyyah Ali

Episode 2205


Episode 2204


Episode 2203


Episode 2202



Episode 2201


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