Episode 1306

Show Notes – Kathleen Harrington

Main Discussion Topics

  • Small business struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Unemployment and government resources for small businesses
  • The Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and how they’re supporting local businesses

Full Description

Danielle Teal is joined by Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce President Kathleen Harrington to discuss small business in the time of COVID-19. They explore the changes the Rochester Chamber has gone through in the last few weeks and the services they're offering to help serve the community at this time.

Time Codes

34:00 – Danielle introduces the R-Town Podcast
44:00 – Danielle welcomes Kathleen Harrington
1:16 – Kathleen explains the purpose of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and how their direction has changed throughout the pandemic
2:31 – Kathleen talks about the Chamber staff working remotely
3:23 – Kathleen discusses the Chamber’s strategy to working from home and their resolve to work for businesses in Rochester
5:20 – Kathleen discusses how the Chamber’s priorities have evolved
8:14 – Kathleen discusses the decision on property taxes
9:27 – Kathleen addresses other ways the state is working to help small businesses
11:34 – Kathleen discusses what the future could look like among small businesses
12:35 – Kathleen and Danielle discuss the state of unemployment
14:47 – Kathleen describes how small businesses in Rochester have been adjusting to this change
16:26 – Kathleen discusses the positive stories she’s experience in the community of Rochester
18:25 – Kathleen advocates for small business as a major part of the economy of Rochester
20:23 – Kathleen discusses how she thinks the current situation will affect business models in the future
21:30 – Kathleen discusses how small businesses will advance in the digital realm and what businesses she thinks will still flourish face to face
23:09 – Kathleen tells how to get in contact with the chamber and what services they are offering the community
24:15 – Kathleen and Danielle discuss the webinar series the chamber is hosting on their website
25:17 – Kathleen shares her advice for anyone in the community looking for help
26:10 – Kathleen shares her favorite taco
26:54 – Danielle thanks Kathleen for the discussion
27:11 – Danielle closes the show




Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce -  Website: www.rochestermnchamber.com  or  Facebook: www.facebook.com/RochMNChamber

Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus Information - www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus

Olmsted County Coronavirus Resources - www.co.olmsted.mn.us/OCPHS/COVID-19


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