WED 8PM / soar

Two sisters who dance together; one who is a quadruple amputee.

THU 12PM / ballyfin: portrait of an irish country house

The rise, decline, and rebirth of one of Ireland's best hotels.

THU 8PM / the boys of ’36: american experience

The story of 9 men who captured the gold medal for rowing at the 1936 Olympics.

FRI 8PM / r-town

Rock The Hive and Pedicabs are featured in this episode.

SAT 11AM / taste of history

A tribute to Charles Thomson (1729-1824), who designed America's Great Seal.

SAT 8PM / from here to eternity (1953)

Life on a Honolulu Army post just before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

SUN 2PM / patton (1970)

A profile of military genius, Gen. George S. Patton, played by George C. Scott.

SUN 11PM / globe trekker - poland

A tour of Poland, stopping in Wroclaw, Gdansk, Ketzryn and on the Motlawa River.




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Drug Storm

Drug Storm sm

DRUG STORM: Hear from two local recovering addicts who are turning their lives around.

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Niagara Cave was discovered in 1924, when three local farm boys lowered themselves into a hole to rescue some lost pigs. After they rescued the pigs, the boys returned to explore the cave. Nearly a decade later, the site was opened for tours and visitors flocked from around the country to tour the cave. Located near the Minnesota-Iowa border and about a half hour from Mystery Cave, Niagara Cave is one of the most unique geographical features in the state. As the name would suggest, the centerpiece of this cave’s one-hour guided tour is a 60 foot underground waterfall that cascades among dramatic stalactites and stalagmites.

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