WED 8PM / frontline: american patriot

Relive the conflict between the Bundy family and the federal government in Nevada.

THU 12PM / nova: meteor strike

Head to Siberia with scientists to search for debris from the 2013 meteor strike.

THU 7:30PM / farm connections

Find out about the Cover Crop Champion Program.

FRI 8PM / r-town

Discover Rochester Mom’s Blog, meet Joe Powers and paint wine glasses for fun.

SAT 10:30AM / america’s test kitchen

Learn how to make chewy oatmeal cookies and ultra-nutty pecan bars.

SAT 8PM / my mother & other strangers on masterpiece

Rose meets Capt. Dreyfuss. Emma goes on a date and creates an incident.

SAT 9PM / Grantchester season 3 on masterpiece

A would-be groom is found dead with markings of a years-old unsolved murder.

SUN 2PM / show boat (1951)

The daughter of a showboat captain falls in love with a dashing gambler.

SUN 7:30PM / articulate with jim cotter

Enjoy the vocal ensemble, "Roomful of Teeth” and woodworker Mira Nakashima.

SUN 9:30PM / river sojourn

A KSMQ production exploring one of North America’s natural treasures, the Upper Mississippi River Valley.


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Public broadcasting is one of America’s greatest investments – and it only costs $1.35 per citizen each year.


President Trump’s budget proposal threatens federal funding for public television – which provides the foundation on which stations like KSMQ are able to provide strong local services.

Not only does KSMQ bring you the best of PBS, as well as locally and nationally produced programming, but KSMQ is also a stalwart in the community and a leader in digital publishing. If you love public media, you – yes, you – can make a difference. And now is the time to take action.

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Senator Al Franken - MN
CALL: 202.224.5641

Senator Amy Klobuchar - MN
CALL: 202.224.3244

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Congressman Tim Walz - MN 
CALL: 202.225.2472 

Congressman Steve King - IA 
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Congressman Rod Blum - IA 
CALL: 202.225.2911 

Senator Chuck Grassley - IA 
CALL: 202.224.3744









Senator Joni Ernst - IA 
CALL: 202.224.3254 


RTown 17

The show that's all about Rochester!

Watch Fridays at 8pm.

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SMMPA member utilities are located throughout the state. Most are in southern Minnesota. SMMPA members serve over 96,000 residential customers and over 12,300 commercial and industrial customers.


Beyond the Bully

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KSMQ Public Television produced Beyond the Bully to help students, schools, and families address the topic of bullying.  Find out what area organizations are doing to eliminate bullying, and help young people address it when they see it. 


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