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 Conger Meat Market was started in 1935 by Ray and Mabel Bohonek. Ray was born in Lisov, Czechoslovakia, in 1896, where he was trained in the meat business. In 1914, he brought the recipes for sausage and bologna with him to America! In 1935, he built and started Conger Meat Market. Initially, it was a real struggle, but persistence paid off and the business grew. Milford, RayĆ­s son, was born in 1936 upstairs above the meat market.

   Later, Milford and his wife, Beverly, purchased the meat market from Ray. Their daughter Patty and husband Dave Larson moved to Conger in 1984 to help in the meat market. Dave purchased the meat market in 1999, adding new kinds of sausages and winning state and national awards.

   In 2004, he sold the business to current owners Jeremy and Darcy Johnson. Now, with nearly 20 full-time and part-time employees, Conger Meat Market continues to serve Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa with Ray's original Czechoslovakian recipes and a full line of choice meats and small- town customer service. 507-265-3340.

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