Episode 1309

Show Notes – Karlin Ziegler

Main Discussion Topics

  • The current status of Olmsted County Parks and how they are working to maintain a safe environment for their visitors
  • What Olmsted County Public Works is currently offering for virtual resources and information for the future
  • Activities that the community can participate in while being outside and practicing social distancing

Full Description

Danielle Teal chats with Olmsted County Parks Superintendent Karlin Ziegler about outdoor recreation in the time of COVID-19. They discuss what's open and available for public use as well as what Olmsted County is doing to encourage social distancing and protect public park employees.

Time Codes

00:33 – Danielle opens the podcast
00:40 – Danielle introduces this week’s guest, Olmsted County Parks Superintendent Karlin Ziegler
1:47 – Karlin describes her role with Olmsted County Public Works and how the parks are currently functioning amid the pandemic
2:41 – Karlin discusses the increase of traffic at Olmsted County Parks in recent weeks
4:36 – Karlin addresses the current working state of the parks, what’s open, what’s closed, and how Olmsted County Parks are encouraging social distancing
6:23 – Karlin discusses Olmsted County Parks trash policies
7:04 – Karlin talks about activities that park-goers can participate in while maintaining social distancing recommendations
9:43 – Karlin discusses different virtual offerings that Olmsted County and the state of Minnesota have for exploring the trails and wildlife
10:57 – Karlin talks about the most popular parks in Olmsted County
12:28 – Karlin discusses trail maps and other guides available to the public on their website as well as on site in the parks
15:22 – Karlin discusses the current staffing in the parks amid the pandemic
16:18 – Karlin addresses how Public Works is going about opening parks, and preparing for the summer season
19:28 – Karlin discusses the how the park staff plan to serve the community while protecting themselves and others
22:37 – Karlin talks about the signs that are being prepared for Olmsted County Parks
23:19 – Danielle and Karlin discuss the importance of going outside and mental wellness
24:12 – Karlin discusses how being outside is good for children
24:22 – Karlin discusses different activities that children can do outside and in local parks
25:10 – Karlin discusses the different resources people can access for more information about local and state parks and outside activities
27:22 – Karlin discusses the current state of White Bridge Pier
29:42 – Karlin addresses where park visitors can find up to date information about local openings, closings, regulations, etc.
30:29 – Danielle closes out the show



Olmsted County Public Works
     Websites:  www.co.olmsted.mn.us/pw
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/OlmstedCountyPublicWorks

Olmsted County Parks

Olmsted County
Website: www.co.olmsted.mn.us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OlmstedCounty

Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus Information


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