Episode 1307

Show Notes – Audrey Betcher

Main Discussion Topics

  • The Rochester Public Library’s increase in digital initiatives
  • How the community has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and what the library is offering in this time
  • The Rochester Emergency Operations Center and how the library staff is servicing vulnerable members of the community

Full Description

Danielle Teal sits down with Rochester Public Library Director Audrey Betcher to discuss the library's operations in the time of COVID-19 and what the library staff is doing to serve the community. They discuss Rochester's Emergency Operations Center, digital initiatives, and how the library has adapted in this time.

Time Codes

00:34 – Danielle gives her introduction to the show
00:53 – Danielle introduces Rochester Public Library Director Audrey Betcher
1:16 – Audrey addresses how her and her staff are handling working remotely
1:41 – Audrey talks about how she came to Rochester and to work for the Rochester Public Library
2:54 – Audrey talks about the place the library had in the community in Rochester before COVID-19
3:30 – Audrey talks about how the library is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and serving the community now
4:26 – Audrey addresses the library staff’s role in the Rochester Emergency Operations Center
5:00 – Audrey discusses how the city is handling Rochester’s most vulnerable populations
6:00 – Audrey discusses the citizens of Rochester using the services offered by the Emergency Operations Center
6:19 – Audrey addresses how different Rochester Non-Profits have come together to serve the community
7:20 – Audrey discusses what services have been utilized the most by community members
8:25 – Audrey discusses how she thinks this collaboration will change how nonprofits move forward in the future
9:40 – Audrey addresses what the library is offering for students to help them through challenges they’re facing
12:09 – Audrey discusses the library’s digital offerings, events, and services in this time
13:56 – Audrey addresses services that the community is requesting the most
16:03 – Audrey discusses the role library staff has taken on by manning the COVID-19 Information Hotline
19:26 – Audrey thanks the library staff for their hard work and effort throughout this pandemic
20:25 – Audrey discusses the library’s growth in a digital world in the last few weeks, and how the library functioned beforehand
22:39 – Audrey discusses how the community has responded to the library moving the majority of their operations online and what the community is requesting going forward
23:40 – Audrey briefly discusses the Bookmobile’s operations
23:59 – Audrey explains what she foresees for the future of the library
25:12 – Audrey discusses how the library plans to go forward with late fees and the decisions the library board is making
26:05 – Audrey discusses other ways in which the Rochester Public Library is helping serve the community in this time
27:34 – Danielle’s cat makes a surprise appearance
28:04 – Audrey and Danielle discuss their favorite tacos
28:41 – Audrey highlights the library’s website
28:57 – Danielle closes out the show




Rochester Public Library -  Website: www.rplmn.org  or  Facebook: www.facebook.com/RochPubLibrary

Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus Information - www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus

Olmsted County Coronavirus Resources - www.co.olmsted.mn.us/OCPHS/COVID-19


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