Episode 1305

Show Notes – Jeanine E. Gangness Ph.D.

Main Discussion Topics

  • The switch to digital in higher education
  • How higher education is supporting students that are first responders
  • What the future looks like in terms of higher education for students in Minnesota

Full Description

Danielle Teal sits down with Assistant Vice President of Winona State University Jeanine Gangeness to discuss higher education in the time of COVID-19. They discuss how the students in Rochester are adjusting to a digital environment, how Winona State is addressing the semester's recent changes, and what schools can expect in the future. Jeanine goes into detail about the university’s plans for this semester and the semesters following. She addresses how Winona State University is supporting their students that are on the front lines of this pandemic. She also discusses the current plans the school is exploring for commencement this spring and the realities of digital celebrations.

Time Codes

00:32 – Danielle Teal introduces this week’s guest, Jeanine Gangeness Ph.D.
1:23 – Jeanine explains how she got to Winona State University and came to work in Rochester
3:02 – Jeanine discusses the processes behind delivering higher education through digital means
5:48 – Jeanine addresses how students across Winona State University are handling the shift to digital and how the college is keeping track of student engagement and online learning
8:06 – How Winona State University is handling higher education among their students that are first responders and other essential workers
10:58 – What lessons have been learned through this experience? Jeanine discusses how professors and administrators have adjusted to a digital learning experience
13:19 – Jeanine discusses how different systems of education – K-12, higher education, etc. – are handling the switch to digital and what Winona State is doing for student teachers in the graduate program
15:00 – Jeanine explores the ways in which education may change in the future after this increase in digital learning
16:58 – How is Winona State University addressing the mental health needs of their students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?
19:01 – Jeanine talks about common issues the university system has addressed among their students
19:50 – Jeanine addresses how Winona State University is going about future plans regarding commencement for the graduating class
23:00 – Jeanine briefly discusses what the immediate future looks like for Winona State
23:28 – Jeanine talks about what she misses the most from society before quarantine
24:45 – Jeanine and Danielle make plans to go shopping and celebrate the end of quarantine
25:18 – Jeanine describes the safety guidelines and tips that Winona State University is sharing with their students
26:42 – Danielle closes the interview




Winona State University – Rochester

Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus Information

Olmsted County Coronavirus Resources


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