Episode 1304

Show Notes – Sheriff Kevin Torgerson

Main Discussion Topics

  • Preventive measures of first responders in Olmsted County
  • How the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office and Rochester Police Department are handling community outreach and COVID-19
  • Enforcement of the #StayHomeMN executive order in Olmsted County

Full Description

Danielle Teal chats with Sheriff Kevin Torgerson about first responders and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss how Olmsted County is handling new cases, protecting their first responders, and addressing concerns among inmates and at-risk individuals.

Time Codes

00:37 – Introduction 1:20 – How Sheriff Torgerson came to be the sheriff of Olmsted County
2:36 – How the role of the Sheriff’s Office has changed in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic
3:02 – Sheriff Torgerson discusses the uncertainty of the virus and how Minnesota has responded to it
4:10 – How the Sheriff’s Office has chosen to respond to the pandemic
5:47 – Sheriff Torgerson talks about the parade for first responders in Rochester
6:55 – Sheriff Torgerson discusses how the Sheriff’s Office and Rochester Police Department are handling social/physical distancing while working as first responders
9:05 – The preventive measures that the Sheriff’s Office has enabled to protect first responders from COVID-19: protective gear, shift adjustments, etc.
12:29 – Is Olmsted county ready for what’s to come?
13:48 – First responders have to stay home if they’re diagnosed with COVID-19
14:32 – How Olmsted county is dealing with inmates and the spread of COVID-19
18:20 – Sheriff Torgerson hopes that there will be more tests available to first responders to help them prepare to fight COVID-19
19:28 – Sheriff Torgerson talks about the Restaurant Rally Challenge and the impact on local businesses
21:15 – Enforcement of the #StayHomeMN executive order in the state of Minnesota
23:48 – Sheriff Torgerson discusses how the Sheriff’s Office and Rochester Police are preparing to support the community as this crisis develops
27:51 – What is Sheriff Torgerson’s favorite taco?                              


Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office

Rochester Police Department

Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus Information

Olmsted County Coronavirus Resources

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