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Every Tuesday night, the doctor is taking your calls on KSMQ Health Connections.



A specialist from the Mayo Clinic Health System will answer your questions about prevention, treatment, and the latest research. 

Want to know more about breast cancer, addiction, diabetes … or whether your latest diet is good for you? 


 Call in live on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. to 888-255-0121

or email your question anytime to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Hosted by KSMQ Public Television President/CEO Eric Olson. 

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Alzheimer’s and Caregiving with Dr. Cory Ingram and CNP Richard Wood

Nothing to Sneeze At with Dr. Sarah Scherger

We Are What We Eat with RDN Kjersten Nett

Nothing Sweet About Diabetes with Dr. Sumit Bhagra


Emergency, or Not? with Dr. Patti Paris and Dr. Umesh Sharma


 All in the Head with Dr. Caren Blacker


 What’s Old is New Again with Dr. Jay Smith


 Sleep On It with Dr. Steve Kubas


Brittle Bones with Dr. Sumit Bhagra


Colon Health with Dr. Darin Passer


Urinary Tract Care with Dr. Aaron Potretzke


Breast Cancer conversation with Dr. Tim Kozelsky and Dr. Sandeep Jain


Straight Talk on Addiction with Dr. Tyler Oesterle
Funding for KSMQ Health Connections was provided in part by Mayo Clinic Health System Austin Foundation and KSMQ Public Television members.  Thank you!
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