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Garden Connections is a great place to learn new techniques for enhancing your vegetable, flower or herb gardens.  We also explore landscape ideas and interesting methods for using your fresh produce – including great recipes from Chef Stephen Larson.  Whether you’re an enthusiast or a beginner, you’ll find something to inspire you on Garden Connections.  Come grow with us on KSMQ!

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We'll take you through the whole gardening experience, from plot planning and seed picking, through planting, watering, cultivating, harvesting and preparing. Let KSMQ and its green thumb experts be your companions!



Root Cellars and a Rochester Garden

We learn about root cellars with Mike Larsen; Visit the garden of Ken Zimmerman and get a recipe for Greek style grilled eggplant!

   s week's episode of Garden Connections airs Thursday at 7:00pm, Saturday at 4:30pm and Wednesday at 1pm.



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Stephanie Passingham - Host & Producer- Born and raised in southern Minnesota, Stephanie and her family live on a farm just outside Albert Lea where she tends a 1/2 acre certified organic garden, along with chickens, pigs, sheep, etc. Having served in the public policy arena for 12 years, in 2005 Stephanie settled down to raise her family and encourage good food from good dirt. Stephanie has also served as the host and producer of two community issues, KSMQ series, "Cities on the Move" and "The Heart of the Matter". She is now hosting and producing "Garden Connections" - a subject close to her heart!

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